Groundhog Professional 2-5 - Import CSM Elements from Excel

In the previous post we talked about drawing a CSM to help us collate our data and work out what is happening at a site. 

But sometimes, we have a clear idea of what our contaminant linkages are, we just need to create a CSM.  In Groundhog Professional 2-5 you can import CSM Components from a excel file as shown in this video. The full video needs a  registration or see a short version on linked in. It's a super a quick way to start creating your CSM.

You can also export CSM components to an excel file. This is useful if your current site is similar to one you did previously. Export your components, edit and import into a new Groundhog Project.

If you want to try this yourself download the community version from the BGS website. There is a free instant 7 day upgrade.  The template is onboard Groundhog and can also be found under the Resources tab on the product page.