Groundhog Professional Annual Licence

Groundhog Professional Annual Licence

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Groundhog Professional provides tools to build scaled conceptual site models alongside GIS tools showing layers of spatial information, cross section drawing functionality and borehole log creation capabilities

Groundhog Professional will speed up, ease and simplify the creation of conceptual site models - a requirement of BS10175 - and to increase the quality of CSMs currently produced in contaminated land reports. The software combines a sophisticated drawing package with a database that links the various elements of the pollutant linkages at a site; the sources/contaminants, pathways and receptors. Dynamic links between the drawing package and database result in better models and make updating the model simple as the site progresses from desk study through the various stages of site investigation, risk management and validation

Amongst its many capabilities, Groundhog Professonal can be used to autogenerate the network diagram to represent the sources, contaminants, pathways and receptors associated with a potentially contaminated site.

Groundhog Professionalis available for computers running Windows.  It is not available for mac or linux machines.

one month trial licence is available on request via

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Promotional Price (available until 30 September 2022)

Single Licence: £750 / annual licence

5 - 9 Licences £375/ annual licence

10 - 19 Licences £300 / annual licence

20+  Licences £225 / annual licence

Full Price (1 October 2022 onwards)

Single Licence: £1000 / annual licence

Discounts will be available for multiple licences

There is a Groundhog Youtube channel with useful videos on how to use various aspects of Groundhog

 We have created a quickstart guide to creating a CSM using Groundhog Professional.

You can download the CSM components demo file here

Here is copy of the user guide as a pdf or view it online