LQM is a specialist environmental consultancy based in Nottingham (UK) with an international reputation for assessing and managing the risks posed to human health and the environment by contaminants in soil. Increasingly this is being done within a context of sustainable development and specifically sustainable brownfield regeneration.

We provide consultancy, peer review and expert witness services, contract research and training courses on all aspects of the management of land contamination to problem holders, developers and local government.

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Dose-Response Roadmaps (DRR) Briefings

The LQM/CIEH Dose Response Roadmaps are a tool to assist local authorities and their advisors to determine whether a “significant possibility of significant harm” (SPOSH) is likely to exist as defined in Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act, 1990. The Roadmaps are available under license.

These webinars are for delegates from licensed and non-licensed organisations wishing to better understand what the Roadmaps are, how they can be used and how they support decisions under Part 2A.

These webinars also form part of the DRR Registration Course.


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These DRR briefings comprise four separate recorded webinars [approx running time]

  1. Introduction to the LQM/CIEH Dose Response Roadmaps [28 mins]
  2. The challenges and workings of Part 2A [19 mins]
  3. How the LQM/CIEH Dose Response Roadmaps work [17 mins]
  4. Navigating your way through a Dose Response Roadmap [8 mins]


These webinars provide the background to the relevant legislation and regulatory framework, how the LQM/CIEH Dose Response Roadmaps were developed and outline to the toxicology information sources and workings of the Roadmaps and how you can apply these to your site specific situations.

For the DRR Briefings you will need a PC, laptop or equivalent capable of running GoToWebinar. Full instructions will be sent to each delegate once your booking is complete.

NOTE: Organisations that have not (yet) purchased a Licence are advised to book staff who can meet the requirements for the Registered User to avoid the costs of training additional staff in order to comply with the Licence. 


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Other related publications, licences and courses

Dose-Response Roadmaps (DRR) Registration Course (Licence holders only)

Dose-Response Roadmaps (DRR) Registration Course (Licence holders only)

This option is for delegates from organisations who have a current valid licence only and who wish to become a Regisered User.

This course (recorded webinars followed by an interactive webinar) provides:

  • better understanding of what the Roadmaps are
  • how they can be used
  • how they support decisions under Part 2A
  • understanding of the uses, applicability and interpretation of the Dose Response Roadmaps
  • practical insight into applying the Roadmaps to a (hypothetical) site