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Using CLEA: a hands on learning experience

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Next run expected Autumn 2024

Under LCRM, evaluation of risk in respect of potential land contamination uses a risk based approach. For human health risk assessment, the CLEA software (contaminated land exposure assessment) (CLEA) is widely used in the UK.

The course starts with the basics of what the CLEA model is and does, shows how the different flavours of generic assessment criteria can be generated and works through various examples to explore how the software can accommodate a number of detailed quantitative risk assessment (DQRA) scenarios. 

It is assumed delegates have some background in human health risk assessment via work experience or training such as LQM's Human-health risk assessment course.  

This course offers delegates the opportunity to learn more about CLEA v1.071 - how it can and cannot be used. The course will explore the use of the model as a risk assessment tool for the development of generic and site-specific assessment criteria through practical exercises using the software.

Delegates will need to bring their own laptops capable of running Excel with the CLEA 1.071 spreadsheet already loaded and ready to use. Full joining instructions including details of where to download CLEA 1.071 will be sent to each delegate prior to the course.

By the end of the course you should be better able to understand:

  • the scientific basis underpinning the software;
  • the functions and capabilities of CLEA v1.071;
  • how to put data into CLEA v1.071;
  • the software outputs; and
  • the software limitations.

The courses will be of relevance to:

  • Regulatory and local authority staff involved with contaminated land issues
  • Consultants
  • Problem holders and developers needing a more in-depth understanding of contaminated land issues
  • Anyone producing contaminated land reports
  • Anyone reviewing third party reports

March 2023

"Excellent hands-on practical guidance for the CLEA model" Consultant

"An enjoyable course set at a good pace and really helped to de-mystify the CLEA spreadsheet and the many input parameters." Consultant

"I've attended several LQM courses over the years and all were in Nottingham (until now). I was skeptical as to how effective the course would be over Zoom and suspected that it might have been better face-to-face. However, now I've completed the course I had no issues at all with it being online and I think it worked well. Splitting over two half days was a good move (and something the realistically couldn't be done if having to travel to Nottingham). Thank you to Judith and Paul once again." Consultant

Feb 2019

The presenter was "knowledgable and engaging.  Answered questions on a 1 to 1 basis"

"[I] had no previous experience using CLEA, only read about it and how it works. Now feel comfortable to work with site specific data!"

"Practical run throughs were a huge benefit.  Making sure each step is fully understood before moving on was great"

May 2018

The best aspect of the course was:

  • "using the model myself"
  • "understanding the background to the software; the parameters and limitations"
  • "clear presentation & answers to queries"
  • "play by play through software"
  • "good mix of theory and practice"
  • "Hands on experience / Practical & discussion around difference between SGV - C4SLs"

November 2017

The best aspect of the course was: "Depth of information + clarity of subject"

March 2017

"... lots of one-to-one help. really helpful practicals to assist understanding"

"practicals - good to understand how to use the model"

"well balanced between practical & theory"


November 2016

“Brilliantly delivered”

“Useful practical’s” and “Practical’s well developed”

“Clear instructions”

“Really enjoyed the course and found it very useful”


January 2016

“Presenter and knowledge were the best aspects”

“Understanding the difference between SR3 and SP1010”

“Good opportunity to do practical’s and practice using the model. Well presented”