Risk Management and Remediation (Day 4) E learning

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Risk Management and Remediation (Day 4) E learning

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This is LQMs classic training course now delivered online.

Video lectures | Activities | Online forum for questions

There are now many risk management and remediation options available for use at contaminated sites. It is important to be aware of these options along with their relative advantages, limitations and technical constraints in order to select the most appropriate options for the management of pollutant linkages 

This is one of a series of 5 one-day courses covering the fundamental subject matter relevant to the investigation, assessment and management of land contamination. The courses aim to improve knowledge of the subject matter and the application of this knowledge in the risk-based approach for the assessment and management of land contamination.  The courses in this series cover legislation and conceptual models, site characterisation, human-health risk assessment, remediation and risk management and reviewing 3rd Party reports.  These courses can be taken individually or in combination.

Purchase of the course provides one person access to the course materials over a 2 week period.  The course pace is aimed at completing the course 1-2 hours a day over 5 days, with a further week for those who need a little longer.  If done continuously, the course should be able to be completed in one day.

You can mix and match the face to face and e-learning courses in the 5 day series.  The e-learning and face to face courses are equivalent.  Choose face to face if you are happy to travel, can make the date and like to network. Choose e-learning to study at your own pace, on dates to suit you and to save on travel and course costs.

Public sector rates only apply to qualifying organisations (i.e. Local Authorities, Health Authorities, the Environment Agency, SEPA, etc.).

Public sector rates only apply to qualifying organisations (i.e. Local Authorities, Health Authorities, the Environment Agency, SEPA, etc.).

Your course will start the Monday after you have ordered it - if you require a different start date please email judith@lqm.co.uk

The course will:

  • introduce the concept of risk management and the UK legislation associated with wastes that may be generated during risk management;
  • provide an overview of the remediation technologies (civil engineering, physical, chemical, biological, thermal, and solidification / stabilization technologies) that are currently available for contaminated soils and groundwater;
  • highlight gas mitigation measures;
  • compare costs and remediation timescales associated with each remediation technology; and
  • demonstrate the options appraisal process described in LCRM for the identification of feasible remediation options and the development of a site remediation strategy

The course includes practicals to practice the skills learned.

Land Quality Management courses are renowned for their relevance and quality.  This comes from our belief that training should be interesting, relevant and make a difference to the way our delegates go about their normal contaminated land related business.  We always select top quality tutors with both the experience to communicate and the knowledge to share – as well as the enthusiasm to improve the way land contamination issues are tackled.

By the end of the course delegates should be better able to:

  • identify feasible remediation options for pollutant linkages;
  • evaluate feasible remediation options to identify the most appropriate ones; and
  • develop a remediation strategy for a site addressing all pollutant linkages

All delegates will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance which should be retained and used to provide evidence of CPD activity when required by employers or professional bodies

This is an introductory course suitable for new starters, those needing a refresher or for those managing contaminated land staff.

This course is of relevance to :

  • Regulatory and local authority staff involved with contaminated land issues
  • Consultants
  • Problem holders and developers needing a more in-depth understanding of contaminated land issues
  • Anyone producing contaminated land reports
  • Anyone reviewing third party reports

 Feedback comments have included:

September 2018

"Great day and very informaticve - it has given me valuable knowlege which I can draw upon in my job" (Local Authority)

"Very comprehensive coverage..." (Local Authority)

The best aspects were:

  • "applying info to the practical"  (Consultant)
  • "breadth of info" (Consultant)
  • "range of remediation techniques covered" (Consultant)
  • "breadth of subjects/techniques covered" (Consultant)
  • "the case studies for remediation options" (Local Authority)

February 2018

"All good as gave a broad overview of the different remediation techniques, many of which I wasn't familiar with."

"Overview of the remedial techniques - excellent knowledge"

September 2017

"Good comprehensive overview of all remediation strategies available"

"Clear description of different methods including pros & cons"

March 2017

“Knowledge of trainers experience shone through” (Local Authority)

"Very detailed descriptions of all potential options, inc. positives + negatives + feasibility. Great practical into making you think about each option closer" (Consultant)

"Practical was helpful. Good amount of info" (Consultant)

April 2013

"Concise coverage of all fields which helped me achieve what I wanted in attending"

"Broad range of approaches addressed"

"Very clear and informative"

"The practical was v. interesting + useful"

"The practical helps in understanding the different processes"