LQM is a specialist environmental consultancy based in Nottingham (UK) with an international reputation for assessing and managing the risks posed to human health and the environment by contaminants in soil. Increasingly this is being done within a context of sustainable development and specifically sustainable brownfield regeneration.

We provide consultancy, peer review and expert witness services, contract research and training courses on all aspects of the management of land contamination to problem holders, developers and local government.

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Webinar Recording: Redeveloping Military Sites

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The current housing challenge coupled with changes in the use of land by the Ministry of Defence is releasing considerable tracts of surplus defence land for redevelopment. Many of the general principles of land contamination investigation, assessment and remediation apply - but there are important differences waiting to catch the unwary.

Whether former air bases, vehicle maintenance, ordnance depots, weapons manufacture or fuel storage, military sites are an important part of securing safe and suitable for use land for new homes. Their rural or peri-urban location makes them very attractive to future residents - and therefore developers.

Many of the contamination issues will be routine - hydrocarbons, solvents, heavy metals or asbestos. However, some will be rare if not unique: e.g. propellants, explosives. Emerging contaminants such as PFOS and PFOA are likely on many types of former military land.

Paul has over two decades of experience in investigating, assessing and researching a wide range of former military sites across the UK and elsewhere.

This ~90min recording of a Professional Practice Webinar originally delivered on 27th November 2018 (NOTE: only access to the recording will be provided, original handouts are not included).

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This webinar covered :

  • The important challenges that military sites raise during redevelopment 
  • The importance of former military sites to secure safe and suitable for use land for new homes
  • The need for and different types of sampling strategies that shold be employed
  • Sources of further information

By the end of the webinar, you will:

  • Understand where to find out historical land uses of military sites - beyond the normal and often inadequate sources of information
  • Understand the need for hybrid targetted and non-targetted sampling strategies
  • Understand the range of exotic contaminants that associated with specific types of former military use of land
  • Know where to look for further information

January 2019

"I’ve had a lot of involvement in military sites in recent years and the webinar was the most informative one I have done in terms of aiding in my work!" (Consultant, January 2019)

Other related publications, licences and courses

Webinar Recording: Innovations in ground gas and vapour sampling and analysis, groundwater sampling and analysis

Webinar Recording: Innovations in ground gas and vapour sampling and analysis, groundwater sampling and analysis

Recording of Professional Practice Webinar to learn of recent innovations in ground gas, vapour and groundwater sampling and analysis available within the UK, originally delivered on 13th February 2019 (~120mins).

The Chemical Analysis of Contaminated Land

The Chemical Analysis of Contaminated Land

A detailed introduction to the range of chemical testing applied to soil samples in commercial laboratories in the UK today.

Risk Assessment for contaminated sites in Europe: Vol 1 - Scientific basis

Risk Assessment for contaminated sites in Europe: Vol 1 - Scientific basis

A report prepared as part of the Concerted Action on Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sites in the European Union (CARACAS).  Available as a free download.

KeyCSM Two Hour Online Training

KeyCSM Two Hour Online Training

A two hour one to one online training session on using KeyCSM.

On purchasing the training, you will be contacted by LQM to discuss your level of experience with KeyCSM.

Training can comprise:

  • An instructor led introduction into using the KeyCSM software to represent the sources, pathways and receptors associated with a potentially contaminated site, highlighting the key features of the software.
  • OR a tailored session to take you to the next level.  After showing the instructor how far you have got with understanding KeyCSM, you will be shown additional functionality reflecting your needs.

Training will last for two hours. Additional training sessions can be purchased as required. Up to three delegates from your organisation can attend at one time.

KeyCSM Single Licence

KeyCSM Single Licence

Only £500 with online card payment discount

Licence to run KeyCSM on one machine. Your attention is drawn to the fact that KeyCSM is legacy software with some known bugs as further explained in the description of KeyCSM and here.