LQM is a specialist environmental consultancy based in Nottingham (UK) with an international reputation for assessing and managing the risks posed to human health and the environment by contaminants in soil. Increasingly this is being done within a context of sustainable development and specifically sustainable brownfield regeneration.

We provide consultancy, peer review and expert witness services, contract research and training courses on all aspects of the management of land contamination to problem holders, developers and local government.

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LQM GIS web-bytes: Site Zoning Using Risk Assessment Criteria

Part of the LQM series of recorded demos using the free and open source QGIS software developed primarily for contaminated land practitioners.

Learn how to delineate different landuse zones across your site contaminant datasets by applying relevant human health risk asssessment criteria to help you understand or communicate the potential risks or development constraints at your sites.

This short (18 minute) QGIS demonstration clearly shows you how to import your site investigation dataset, combine it with your risk assessment criteria and generate new attributes to help you define your landuse zones quickly using a range of processing algorithms within QGIS.

Require interactive face-to-face hands-on tuition to help you solve your contaminated land problems using QGIS?

LQM provide a range of courses from complete beginners (QGIS1) through to intermediate and more advanced GIS users (QGIS2 and QGIS3).

Prices and discounts: £25 (inclusive of VAT ) purchase via online card payment only. Any purchases made via invoice payment will be declined.  Terms and Conditions apply 

Link to recorded demo emailed once payment has been received.


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This demo covers:

  • how to import your site investigation data into your QGIS project
  • combining landuse risk assessment criteria with your SI data
  • generating new fields which can be used to delineate landuse zones or convey information
  • a number of QGIS processsing algoirthms useful to your GIS work

At the end of the demo, you will:

  • be able to better understand potential risks at your site
  • more effectively visualise data and communicate information about your site
  • better understand some of the powerful features QGIS has to offer

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LQM 'Top Two' Calculator

LQM 'Top Two' Calculator

Calculating a C4SL-like assessment criteria? So what are the 'Top Two' produce groups for your contamiants? This simple calculator allow you to find out and copy the correct settings into CLEA v1.071.

PAH Double Ratio Tool (Full version)

PAH Double Ratio Tool (Full version)

Are all the PAHs at your site from a single source or are there different sources in different areas?  What might these sources be and what might that tell us about the potential risks they present? This simple tool allow you to investigate your site data and find out.

Webinar Recording: Redeveloping Military Sites

Webinar Recording: Redeveloping Military Sites

Recording of Professional Practice Webinar considering how military sites can be safely developed for the current housing challenge, originally delivered on 27th November 2018 (~90mins).

Webinar Recording: PFAS Myth Buster

Webinar Recording: PFAS Myth Buster

Recording of Professional Practice Webinar to bust some of the myths surrounding this group of emerging substances, originally delivered on 20th September 2019 (~60mins).