Professional Practice Webinar: We need to talk about Part 2A – a crammer in Part IIa language

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Professional Practice Webinar: We need to talk about Part 2A – a crammer in Part IIa language

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This is a Professional Practice Webinar  originally delivered on 13th March 2020  as part of LQM's continued commitment to raising standards among practitioners and regulators on topics of timely relevance

Planning policy requires new development to be safe and suitable for its intended use. However much of the technical guidance we work with has its origins in Part 2A.

When using such guidance to inform planning decisions care is needed to ensure tools are used correctly to avoid both unnecessary remediation and to ensure the protection of human health.


This webinar covers:

  • The terminology Part 2A uses to describe hazard and risk
  • Differences between England/ Wales and Scotland – and why they matter
  • Lessons from recent case studies and legal challenges
  • The need for ‘DQRA’ in making a determination

By the end of the webinar, you will:

  • Appreciate the value of adhering to the terminology used in Part 2A
  • Understand what to look for when reviewing the findings of an inspection of potentially contaminated land
  • Appreciate the value of following the advice in Contaminated Land Risk Management

This webinar is mainly relevant to regulators (including local authority staff) and consultants involved in contaminated land sites.

It will be particularly relevant to anyone looking to clarify their underrstanding of Part2A and the distinctions between the Part2A and Planning regimes


March 2020

"Liked the inclusion/comparison between England, Wales and Scotland" (Consultant)

"Convenient learning experience" (Consultant)

"Good level of knowledge" (Consultant)