PAH Double Ratio Tool

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PAH Double Ratio Tool

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Are all the PAHs at your site from a single source or are there different sources in different areas? What might these sources be and what might that tell us about the potential risks they present? This simple tool allow you to investigate your site data and find out.

Quickly assess the potential source(s) of PAH contamination in soil samples . This can assist in clarifying the conceptual model for the site and hence the potential human health risks that may be posed by PAHs at your site.

The tool can create all three of the double ratio plots presented by Costa & Sauer (2005), which collectively provide a greater ability to distinguish different PAH sources within your data.

Each double ratio plot show the zones/areas that Costa and Sauer (2005) and Costa (2005) attributed to particular source terms based on real-world samples. The presence of these markings and labels will greatly speed-up and aid your evaluation of site-specific PAH datasets.

Datapoint labels that allow users to quickly identify which samples cluster together on each of the three double ratio plots, which indicates a common source, and also identify which samples lie outside of these clusters.

Presentation of additional ratios and indices reported by Stogiannidis & Laane (2015) that can assist in attributing potential PAH source or indicate likely mode of formation (i.e. pyrogenic versus petrogenic). These can further increase the robustness of any interpretation of the double ratio plots.

Ability to filter your data on any of the fields (input and calculated data) within the 'PAH Data' worksheet, so that only the filtered data will be shown on the double ratio plots. This allows you to investigate, analyse and evaluate on specific sub-sets of your PAH dataset.

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For organisations with multiple offices, a separate copy of the software is required for each office.

We will insert your company logo into the charts (if you supply a suitable image file) to create professional branded charts to include in your reports. We will contact you after purchase with instructions on how to supply a suitable image file.