LQM Ternary Gas Composition Tool

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LQM Ternary Gas Composition Tool

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The risks posed by ground gases are commonly assessed based solely on calculated Hazardous Gas Flow Rates or Gas Screening Values for methane and carbon dioxide to assign a Characteristic Situation to the site: CS1 represents a very low risk and CS6 a very high risk. However, this approach on its own takes no account of the source and/or composition of the ground gas that was encountered.

Ternary plots provide a simple graphical approach to examining the composition of the ground gases encountered at a site and investigating the potential for differences in the nature and source of the gas encountered at different locations and areas. Such information can help to

  • further characterise the ground gas regime,
  • differentiate between potential sources and
  • provide additional lines of evidence to support the Conceptual Site Model for ground gases at the site (gCSM).

The plots can also be used to identify when carbon dioxide concentrations above 5% are likely to pose a low risk and do not warrant the increase from Characteristic Situation CS1 to CS2 discussed in BS 8485. The use of ternary plots for interpreting ground gas data is discussed here


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