LQM/CIEH 'Suitable 4 Use Levels'

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LQM/CIEH 'Suitable 4 Use Levels'

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The LQM/CIEH 'Suitable 4 Use Levels' present soil assessment criteria for an extended range of 89 substances. For each substance, S4ULs have been derived for a range of generic land uses and Soil Organic Matter (%SOM) contents.  All toxicological and physical-chemical inputs used in the derivation of the S4ULs are clearly identified and discussed.

The S4ULs have proved very popular with both consultants and regulators as the previous LQM/CIEH Generic Assessment Criteria, which they replace.

This can be seen in this neat time-series spatial infographic Registered S4UL Users across the UK and Ireland or what your Local Authority might expect under planning / suitable for use levels of contaminants within your brownfield and 'greenfield' developments - both created using QGIS (check out our QGIS training courses).

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The LQM/CIEH 'Suitable 4 Use Levels' (S4ULs) follow on from the previous LQM/CIEH Generic Assessment Criteria.  The assessment criteria have been updated in line with developments in UK human health risk assessment since 2009, in particular the additional land uses and exposure assumptions presented in Defra's recent C4SL guidance.  However, the S4ULs are all based on Health Criteria that represent minimal or tolerable levels of risks to health as described in the Environment Agency's SR2 guidance, ensuring that the resulting assessment criteria are 'suitable for use' under planning.

S4ULs are presented for an extended range of 89 substances including many metals, BTEX and other hydrocarbon fractions, PAHs, phenols, chlorinated solvents and other VOCs, pesticides and explosives.  CLICK HERE for a full content list of the substances included.  If you do not find the substance or isomer you are interested in, then do get in touch as we can developed futher S4ULs on request.

For each substance, S4ULs have been derived for six generic land uses (including the two Public Open Space land uses defined in C4SL guidance) and a range of Soil Organic Matter contents (organic contaminants only).  All toxicological and physical-chemical data inputs used in the derivation of the S4ULs are presented and discussed in the publication.

We recognise that purchasers will wish to use the S4ULs in their regulatory or commercial operations. We welcome this and therefore each copy will contain an individual number that will need to be quoted when referring to the LQM/CIEH S4ULs in reports etc.

Title: The LQM/CIEH S4ULs for Human Health Risk Assessment

Authors: Nathanail, C.P.; McCaffrey,C.; Gillett, A.G.; Ogden, R.C. & Nathanail, J.F.

Publisher: Land Quality Press, Nottingham

Published: 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9931084-0-2

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