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Webinar - Costing Remediation

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LIVE WEBINAR - Friday xxxx - 13.00-15.00 GMT

A 1-hour webinar packed with insights on how to estimate the indicative costs of engineering and process-based remediation by Paul Nathanail.

Paul Nathanail is recognised as one of the world’s leading contaminated land practitioners. Paul is known for a robust, evidence-based approach to resolving problems. He has combined being a University Professor and consultant for some 30 years and is passionate about sharing knowledge.


It is assumed delegates have some background in contaminated land risk assessment but no background in toxicology is assumed.

Purchase of the webinar provides access to the live event.  After purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email. 

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Developers always want to know the likely costs of different remediation options. This webinar will give you tools to help address that question.

Discover where to focus value engineering at the early stages of project development and gain the knowledge you need to take your projects to the next level. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your skills and learn from the experts! 

By the end of the webinar you should be better able to:

  • Understand how source removal and pathway interruption technologies are costed
  • Understand how fixed, volume-dependent, and time-dependent cost components are built up
  • Appreciate the role of combining technologies to reduce overall project costs
  • Appreciate where value engineering exercises can reduce remediation costs without compromising risk-reduction targets
  • Appreciate the extra value that can be released by integrating remediation into the overall construction process
  • Appreciate why risk and remediation costs are not directly related.
  • Understand the role of the quantity surveyor

The webinar will be of relevance to regulators, industry professionals, developers and consultants, particularly those in the early stages of their career as they begin to take responsibility for building outline budget estimates for remediation costs to secure budgets or prepare requests for tenders.

We are often asked whether a recording will be available.

Access to a recording of the webinar may be available for purchase after the event but this is not guaranteed. The cost may be higher due to administration costs.  We recommend attendance at the live event if possible.