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Lightning Webinar - HSE PFAS RMOA for contaminated land practitioners

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A 90 minute webinar by Paul Nathanail introducing the Risk Management Options Analysis (RMOA) for PFAS HSE published in April 2023.   Paul will highlight aspects that are useful to the investigation, assessment and remediation of soil and water potentially affected by PFAS contamination.

The RMOA comprises 192 pages supported by 213 pages of Annexes.

Although the regulatory focus of the RMOA is UK REACH, the technical analysis contains much that will be relevant to land contamination specialists working on the redevelopment of sites where PFAS may have been used or released into the environment. 


Paul Nathanail is recognised as one of the world’s leading contaminated land practitioners. Paul is known for a robust, evidence-based approach to resolving problems. He has combined being a University Professor and consultant for some 30 years and is passionate about sharing knowledge.


It is assumed delegates have some background in contaminated land risk assessment but no background in toxicology is assumed.

Purchase of the webinar provides access to the live event.  After purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email  and a digital download with the link to registar for the webinar

The webinar will provide an insight into the significance of and reasons behind the novel definition of PFAS adopted by HSE. 

The basis for and relevance to land contamination of the groupings of PFAS will be discussed.  The importance of understanding the molecular structure for remediation options appraisal will be highlighted. 

The reason why some of the PFAS HSE considers do not have the peculiar fate & transport properties that headline PFAS such as PFOS and PFOA have will be explained.

By the end of the webinar you should be better able to:

  • Appreciate the key knowledge and intelligence contained within the HSE RMOA that is relevant to land contamination assessment and remediation.
  • Understand the chemistry of PFAS – beyond PFOS, and PFOA, and into some of the more less frequented corners of the PFAS universe.
  • Identify relevant sources of information on toxicity and physical chemical properties – beyond ITRC and the UK COT.

The webinar will be of relevance to regulators, industry professionals, developers and consultants responsible for work on land potentially affected by PFAS contamination will benefit by attending.

We are often asked whether a recording will be available.

Access to a recording of the webinar may be available for purchase after the event but this is not guaranteed. The cost may be higher due to administration costs.  We recommend attendance at the live event if possible.