Groundhog (E learning)
Groundhog (E learning)

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Groundhog (E learning)

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Groundhog is open source software which will speed up, ease and simplify the creation of conceptual site models and improve the quality of CSMs produced in contaminated land reports. The software combines a drawing package with a database that links the various elements of the pollutant linkages at a site; the sources/contaminants, pathways and receptors. Dynamic links between the drawing package and database result in better models and make updating the model simple as the site progresses from desk study through the various stages of site investigation, risk management and validation.

This training course includes video demonstrations and exercises to work through at your own pace to gain skills in using Groundhog to create conceptual site models. 

The course will start the Monday after you have ordered it - if you require a different start date please email

Purchase of the course provides one person access to the course materials over a 4 week period.  The course pace is aimed at completing the course in a 2 to 3 week period, with a further week for those who need a little longer.  If done continuously, the course should be able to be completed in one to two days.

Public sector rates only apply to qualifying organisations (i.e. Local Authorities, Health Authorities, the Environment Agency, SEPA, etc.).


The course covers 
  • - the basics of using Groundhog
  • - using the map window - overlaying spatial data
  • - adding AGS data
  • - creating borehole logs
  • - creating cross sections
  • - setting up the conceptual site model
  • - creating the plan view and cross-section view of the CSM
  • - autogeneration of the network diagram

Delegates will need Windows computers (large display screens and mouse recommended)
By the end of the course you should be able to:
  • initiate a groundhog project
  • overlay map based data
  • import and create AGS data for borehole logs
  • draw cross section using different approaches (free hand, based on borehole logs)
  • create conceptual site models
  • view and interact with CSMs created by others
All delegates will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance – which should be retained and used to provide evidence of CPD activity when required by employers or professional bodies.

The course will be of relevance to anyone who needs to create or view a conceptual site model.  It is particularly relevant to Consultants & SI Contractors but Regulators and anyone reviewing third party reports may also find it of benefit.

This course is focused on using examples relevant to contaminated land management but will also be useful to others working in land-based industries.

Instructions to download and install Groundhog can be found here.