Groundhog - one on one with a Groundhog Creator

Groundhog - one on one with a Groundhog Creator

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A one or two hour session with one of the Groundhog creators - Ben Wood or Tanya Richmond

Time with one of the creators of Groundhog can be purchased via LQM in blocks of one or two hour(s).  

It can be used to

- find out more about Groundhog's capabilities and discuss its potential use within your organisation

- learn about particular aspects of Groundhog 

After purchase, you will be contacted to find out the likely scope of the discussion required.

Please note, this product provides one or two hour(s) of time, depending on what was chosen when ordering, and if additional time is needed, additional sessions will need to be purchased.   

The one-to-one session can be provided to one to three staff members.  


Groundhog is open source geological software.  It can be used to

- create borehole logs

- overlay maps and plans

- draw cross sections

- create Conceptual Site Models

It also has some 3D functionality

Now the software is open source, organizations may want to invest in training, which will save staff time in using Groundhog. Training will help staff know what is possible with Groundhog and help them quickly master it.  There is an e-training course which focuses on things that are useful in the geoenvironmental sector that work well in Groundhog.

But some organisations have specific needs or are prepared to push the envelope and experiment with Groundhog workflows to fit their specific requirements.  It might be to tweak the borehole template or experiment with using Groundhog's 3D capabilities.  In this case, some time spent with a developer, who knows what is possible in the pockets of the program, and how to hack workflows, could pay dividends.

Please note: Groundhog is open source software designed to work on a desktop.  It may or may not work in other environments. Groundhog was developed by BGS and LQM does not have any control over the functionality.  Whilst LQM can offer these sessions so an organisation can investigate the use of Groundhog for their purposes on a time based basis, in some situations a solution may not be possible. More details on Groundhog being open source are on our blog

Groundhog is designed for Windows and does not operate on Mac or Linux operating systems.