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Early career briefing for professionals who do not have a background in geology.  Originally delivered January 2020.

This webinar will cover:

  • provide a background in geology for contaminated land
  • outline the geological information needed to inform a conceptual site model
  • show you what sources of geological information are available

It forms a sound foundation for what will need to be a career-long learning journey.

 This webinar is mainly relevant to regulators (including local authority staff) and consultants involved in contaminated land sites who are early-career professionals.

It will be particularly relevant to anyone looking to:

  • - understand the importance of geology in your conceptual site models
  • - find sources of information for your site's geology
  • - develop their career in the contaminated land sector

 January 2020

"Highly detailed, very easy to follow" (Consultant)

"Lots of detail" (Consultant)

"Good clear delivery" (Consultant)