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Early career briefing for professionals who do not have a background in chemistry. Originally delivered on 1st November 2019

This webinar will cover:

  • key concepts of chemistry (periodic table, chemcial bonding, electronegativity)
  • how these parameters influence contaminant behaviour
  • importance of fate and transport mechanims in soil, air and water

By the end of the webinar, you will:

  • better understand the importance of chemistry in the contaminated land context
  • better understand some of the chemical parameters that influence contaminant fate and transport
  • better understand some of the commonlly found organic chemicals in contaminated land

This webinar is mainly relevant to regulators (including local authority staff) and consultants involved in contaminated land sites who are early career professionals.

It will be particularly relevant to anyone looking to:

  • - understand the importance of chemistry in contaminated land
  • - undertake preliminary risk assessments and desk studies
  • - design and undertake site investigations
  • - develop their career in the contaminated land sector

November 2019

"Began with the basics so it became clear when it moved on to the more advance chemistry" (Consultant)

"The breakdown of how the various hydrocarbons are constructed / bonded and how this affects solubility and toxicity was good" (Consultant)

"The pictures and diagrams and relevance to day to day work were good" (Consultant)