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Lightning Webinar - Asbestos human health risk assessment – unpacking the US EPA proposals

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LIVE WEBINAR - 1130 - 1300 on Friday 29 September 

In this webinar Paul Nathanail will unpack the recent US EPA white paper on human health risk assessment.

It is almost ten years since CIRIA issued C733 Asbestos in soil and made ground: a guide to understanding and managing risks - currently on sale at the discounted price of £105 (£55 for CIRIA members) 

Reference: P. Nathanail, A. Jones,  R. Ogden & A Robertson (2014). C733 - Asbestos in soil and made ground: a guide to understanding and managing risks. CIRIA: London, UK.

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Under the previous Administration, the EPA narrowed the scope of the toxic substances control act (TSCA) risk evaluation for asbestos to chrysotile as it is the only form of asbestos that has ongoing uses in the USA.  The risk evaluation for Chrysotile Asbestos, released in December 2020, focused on inhalation exposures and mesothelioma and lung, laryngeal, and ovarian cancer but did not evaluate oral or dermal exposures or non-cancer effects.

 A 2019 court ruling meant that the EPA needs to consider “legacy uses” and “associated disposal” of asbestos that also includes crocidolite, amosite, anthophyllite, tremolite and actinolite as well as asbestos-containing talc.  A more comprehensive evaluation of human health risks of asbestos, including all fibre types as well as cancer and non-cancer effects from all relevant routes of exposure is being prepared.

In August 2023, EPA released for peer review a white paper that describes EPA’s quantitative approach for the human health assessment from exposure to both chrysotile and other forms of asbestos.  EPA intends to make a draft risk evaluation available for public comment in early 2024 and to complete the final risk evaluation by December 2024.

The webinar will provide an insight into how the US EPA is evaluating the cancer and non-cancer risks to human health from inhalation, oral and dermal exposure to Chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite, actinolite and anthophyllite.

Paul will unpack the August 2023 EPA white paper and explore how it might inform human health risk assessments of asbestos in soil in the UK.

By the end of the webinar you should better understand:

  • How cancer risks from inhalation of asbestos can be evaluated
  • How non-cancer risks from exposure to asbestos can be evaluated
  • The reasons why EPA is not focusing on dermal or oral exposure to asbestos
  • The applicability of the EPA work to quantitative risk assessments under the contaminated land (Part 2A) and planning regimes
  • properties – beyond ITRC and the UK COT.

    The webinar will be of relevance to regulators, industry professionals, developers and consultants responsible for work on land potentially affected by asbestos in soil will benefit by attending.

    We are often asked whether a recording will be available.

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