LQM is a specialist environmental consultancy based in Nottingham (UK) with an international reputation for assessing and managing the risks posed to human health and the environment by contaminants in soil. Increasingly this is being done within a context of sustainable development and specifically sustainable brownfield regeneration.

We provide consultancy, peer review and expert witness services, contract research and training courses on all aspects of the management of land contamination to problem holders, developers and local government.

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  1. LQM/CIEH S4ULs: Prepublication offer

    LQM/CIEH S4UL publicationWell a lot has been achieved in a very short time and the new LQM/CIEH ‘Suitable 4 Use Levels’ publication is nearing completion.  We hope to start printing and distributing complementary copies to the delegates who attended the S4UL workshops this autumn (currently anticipated before the end of October).

    Until then, we are pleased to announce a PRE-PUBLICATION OFFER price of £200 per copy.  The standard price will be £300 so this pre-publication offer represents a substantial 33% saving!  Plus there is then a further 20% discount for online card payments, which results in unbeatable value at £160 per copy.

    To take advantage of this time-limited offer and ensure early delivery as soon as they are available from our printers, please visit our website at: http://www.lqm.co.uk/publications/s4ulpp/ .  Please note all prices excludes postage and packaging and associated VAT and conditions apply.

    Background: The LQM/CIEH ‘Suitable 4 Use Levels’ (S4ULs) will replace and update the previous LQM/CIEH GACs.  The S4ULs will present soil assessment criteria (updated in line with developments in UK human health risk assessment guidance and development in the toxicity, fate and transport of substances since 2009) for an extended range of 89 substances. The S4UL are based on Health Criteria Values representing minimal or negligible levels of risk under planning. For each substance, S4ULs have been derived for each of the six current generic land uses and a range of Soil Organic Matter contents. All toxicological and physical-chemical inputs used in the derivation of the S4UL are clearly identified and justified.

  2. LQM/CIEH S4ULs: an update

    Well its been a busy few weeks since we announced that the LQM/CIEH GAC are to be updated and relaunched as the ‘LQM/CIEH Suitable 4 Use Levels’ (S4ULs)

    We have had lots of bookings for the S4UL workshops but there are plenty of spaces left – see http://www.lqm.co.uk/training/  .

    There have also been lots of questions and queries about what the S4ULs will be, how they will be derived and how they may be used.  To address these we held a free “Background to the Suitable 4 Use Levels” webinar on Wed 11th June, which many found informative.  But we are also collating a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website for other queries relating to the development of the S4ULS.  This can be found at http://www.lqm.co.uk/s4ul-faq .

  3. LQM/CIEH GACs to be updated as ‘Suitable 4 Use Levels’. Would you like to be involved?

    LQM announced at yesterday’s annual CIEH Standing Conference on Land Contamination that we will be updating the LQM/CIEH GAC publication in the coming months.

    While the S4ULs will continue to be of use in screening out substances from further consideration under Part 2A, we envisage their main role will be as state-of-the-art generic assessment criteria in the planning system. The S4ULs will be:

    • based on Health Criteria Values, updated to reflect changes since 2009
    • derived for the standard CLEA land uses and the two public open space scenarios developed by Defra SP1010
    • developed for ca 85 substances (those covered by the LQM/CIEH GAC and the SGV substances)
    • compliant with SR2 and the long standing principle of ‘suitable for use’
    • reflecting changes to exposure parameters produced by Defra SP1010
    • published in book form with explicit permission to quote values for commercial and regulatory purposes

    As was the case for the first and second edition of the LQM/CIEH GAC publication and Dose-Response Roadmaps, the land contamination sector is invited to be part of that process. We will be holding two workshops to feed into the derivation of the Suitable 4 Use Levels (S4UL); a face to face event will be held in Nottingham on the 8th July and, in recognition of the difficulties some face traveling, a second online event will be held on the 11th July. Further details and booking information for these events are available using the links above.

  4. LQM speak at “Asbestos the truth”

    LQM’s Richard Ogden presented a summary on assessing and managing the risks from asbestos in soil at the 4th annual “Asbestos the Truth” conference in Manchester in November 2013; an event mainly attended by the mainstream asbestos industry.  It was a great opportunity to introduce them to the complexities of contaminated land and the need for the two communities to work together in managing asbestos-containing soils.  The presentation also promoted the recently published Ciria guidance for which LQM are lead authors.

    For video clips of all the speakers go to http://www.asbestosthetruth.com/seminar-clips-2013/ or see our presentation below:

    (Spot the presenter who was taking part in ‘Movember’ at the time.  Don’t worry he won’t be doing it again – I promise!)

  5. Still time to book places !

    There are still some places available of next week’s courses at our offices in Nottingham:

    •  03/06/2014      Introduction to Chemistry for Contaminated Land
    • 04/06/2014      Geology as a Source Pathway and Receptor
    • 10/06/2014      Data Management, Assessment and Statistics

    All are complex subjects in their own right.  But these courses are specifically designed to present the details relevant to consultants, risk assessors and local authority offices involved in contaminated land management in a manner that is easily accessible to those new to these areas.

    Book online at www.lqm.co.uk/training/

  6. LQM/CIEH Dose-Response Roadmap training goes online!

    DDR logo (transparent)
    The LQM/CIEH Dose Response Roadmaps are a tool to assist local authorities and their advisors to determine whether a “significant possibility of significant harm” (SPOSH) is likely to exist as defined in Part 2A (Part IIA in Scotland) of the Environmental Protection Act, 1990 – Click here for more details.

    Local authorities and consultants can access the power of the Roadmaps under licence to assist in making decisions in their Part 2A/Part IIA work. Licensed organisations also need to send one or more employees on an initial Registered User training course, which ensures they understand what the Roadmaps are and how to interpret them correctly in making Part 2A decisions. Up until now, Registered Users have had to attend physical training courses, which were held quarterly in Nottingham. As this is sometimes inconvenient and costly for delegates, we are currently in the process of converting this training to an online course that candidates can attend whenever and from wherever they want. The training will comprise a number of recorded lectures in short segments. The lectures will explain what the Roadmaps are, how they were derived and how to use them in deciding if site-specific exposures represent a significant possibility of significant harm. A copy of the lecture notes will be provided as a pdf and the recorded lectures will be available to view for a limited time period. Delegates would be able to view these at their convenience from internet-capable devices before attending a short webinar that will allow us to test their understanding and delegates to ask us questions. Hopefully, this will make becoming a Registered User quicker, easier and cheaper for all our licence-holders.

    We also intend to run annual update webinars for Registered Users to maintain their registration and learn about any changes or additions to the Roadmaps and hear about successful case studies where they have been used.

    The updated training should be available soon. If you are interested in the training or in general information about the LQM/CIEH Dose-Response Roadmaps, please get in touch. We will be glad to help.

  7. Summer courses now available

    Our new eCommerce website is now up and running and allows you to directly book courses and publications online. So far we are very pleased with it and it has vastly reduced our workload running courses. As a reward for booking online, we offer a 20% discount on all orders booked via an online card payment! So its cheaper for you too.

    Our summer courses are now available online at www.lqm.co.uk/training/. Theses include courses on data and statistics, hydrogeological risk assessment, geology, asbestos and lead as well as the return of our ever popular courses on chemistry for contaminated land and using the CLEA software. Why not take a look and see if anything is of interest. Remember, if you can make these dates or can’t travel to Nottingham you might want to consider hosting one of our courses somewhere near you.

  8. LQM launch new website

    Well, after some delays in development our new website is now up and running, but you already know that because you’re looking at it!

    There are still one or two glitches to iron out but on the whole we are very happy with it.  The biggest change is our new online shop for our publications and all our short courses.  We hope this will allow us to streamline your purchases and provide you with a much improved service.  We have already had several orders this way for next year’s courses and feedback so far is very complimentary.

    If you have any comments, queries or problems please get in touch straight away using the “Contact us” page above; we can resolve most things pretty quickly.