LQM is a specialist environmental consultancy based in Nottingham (UK) with an international reputation for assessing and managing the risks posed to human health and the environment by contaminants in soil. Increasingly this is being done within a context of sustainable development and specifically sustainable brownfield regeneration.

We provide consultancy, peer review and expert witness services, contract research and training courses on all aspects of the management of land contamination to problem holders, developers and local government.

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Archive: Oct 2015

  1. Low Cost Industry Briefings – 26 November 2015 “Telemetry – Remote Monitoring of Surface Water, Groundwater, Ground Gases and Vapours”

    LQM are organising low cost industry briefings on new and upcoming developments in contaminated land, remediation and landfill monitoring to help industry professionals take advantage of new ideas and technology.  The first of these events will be on telemetry – or remote measurement.

    Traditionally, routine monitoring of surface water, groundwater gases and vapours has required repeat visits to site. Data can now be collected by onsite instruments, transmitted to the cloud and accessed directly from your office. This means fewer visits to site and almost certainly greater frequency of data collection.  This type of telemetry has been available for some time, but costs have recently come down and the technology is increasingly user friendly.

    This Industry Briefing on remote monitoring will explain:

    • What telemetry is;
    • What it can measure;
    • How it can be integrated with traditional methods;
    • Its benefits and limitations.

    We have also invited In Situ Europe (formerly Waterra) to showcase their water monitoring equipment and Ambisense to showcase their devices that measure gases and vapours.  The day will include an on-site demonstration of the equipment together with a review of the data feeds during the day.

    In addition to the low cost of places, organisations planning to implement telemetry systems in the near future will benefit by being able to offset the cost of the day against vouchers offered by the two vendors.

    More details are at: http://www.lqm.co.uk/training/telemetry/