LQM's Classic 5 day series is available as e-learning

LQM have been providing training to the sector since the early 2000s when we first developed our five day series - Introduction to Contaminated Land Management.

It was originally aimed at Local Authorities to help them with their new duties after Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 came into force.  Since then many many people in the sector, both Regulators and Consultants, have learned about contaminated land by doing these courses.  Delegates from interested sectors such as insurance, banking, large industry (eg power, water, foundries), archaeology and ecology have also done the training.

Traditionally, the courses were delivered face to face, but people from further a field have been enjoying live on line training since well before the world discovered zoom! And now, there is a new format: e-learning.

The courses comprise a mix of video instruction, practicals (including video answers where appropriate), guided reading and links to additional materials including the majority of the key references relevant to the subject.  It is all presented via a learning management system, allowing delegates to learn at their own pace.  There is an online forum for asking questions.

Most courses are available for two weeks (QGIS is longer). This is partly to control the number active users on the platform but it has the added advantage of encouraging people to work through the material in a timely fashion.  We all know unlimited time to do something in sometimes means never!  But dont panic if you need more than the two weeks, we know that stuff happens.. a sudden visit to site, an urgent tender...  I can usually be persuaded to extend with a quick email to judith@lqm.co.uk.

The courses are updated with minor tweaks as things change and an annual refresh.

All five courses are now available via the training section of our website.