Introduction to Hydrogeological risk assessment for Contaminated Land - 15 AND 16 FEBRUARY 2023 9.30-13.00

LQM's ever-popular course on hydrogeological risk assessment is back.  It will be run as two half-day live online webinars.  This format has been very successful - allowing delegates time to practice what they learn on the first morning, in their own time, ready to build on it on the second day.  As ever, the course blends understanding hydrogeological risk assessment with using the Environment Agency's Remedial Targets Methodology. 

There are practicals throughout the course showing delegates, step by step, how to use the RTM spreadsheets.  Delegates are organised into break-out rooms to share knowledge as they work through the practicals and the trainer moves through the rooms to troubleshoot as needed.  Delegates can share their screens, if stuck, for the trainer to spot those annoying errors.

For anyone who needs a little extra time, there is the possibility of staying after others have left to ensure all issues are solved.  The webinar opens early on day 2, to allow for additional individual questions as needed. We know people will come on the course with different backgrounds, and the before/after sessions enable those who need it, to catch up, while minimising any holding back of those with a little more experience.  

We have successfully run this course for many years - and it will demystify hydrogeology and the RTM spreadsheets. If you work in contaminated land and need to learn how to carry out risk assessment of controlled waters, this course is not to be missed.

More details on our website.