Asking Questions on e-learning courses

Whilst e-learning is great for learning at your own pace, with no need to travel, some people are concerned they won't be able to ask questions.

At LQM we love a good question!  Making all of us think more deeply about things.

All e-learning courses have a discussion area. However, we have found people are shy about posting their questions so we have changed things. Delegates are now invited to email to and the questions will then be anonymously posted with the answer.  

On the course annual refresh, as we always have, we take on board questions to help make things even clearer. For example, a great question I was once asked - "What's the difference between the Contaminated Land Register and the Brownfield Register?" - resulted in us making sure the differences were explicitly spelt out.  (in "Day1", if you are interested).

So Course Delegates - please ask your questions, and we will do our best to answer them.